Individual Contributions

100 Leaders’ Relay Donation Campaign aims to raise awareness of gender equality and women’s rights. The campaign starts on the first day of April when 100 leaders start to donate. Each leader is followed by a new donor the next day, and each of the new donors is followed by another donor the following day. The relay ends on April 30, with a total of 3,000 donors. Since 2003, it has become one of the KFW’s most representative fundraising campaigns.

SOS (Save Our Safety) Campaign is to make a society where women and children are safe by preventing violence against them.

Children-to-Children Fund aims to support children in Asia and Africa who cannot afford to complete school due to economic hardship. It is formed by donations of children under the age of 19 which are equally matched by adults’ donations.

1% Giving Campaign is a fundraising program where individual donors can collect extra coins in a coin bank or donate a small fraction of their monthly income or inherited property, including publication loyalties for writers and performance revenue for artists. Individuals may also donate in celebration of a special day, such as their baby’s 100th-day celebration, birthday or wedding anniversary. Individuals may donate their talents as well.

Entitled Funds are created by individuals, corporations or groups who donate under a specific name and/or purpose.

Major funds under names of individuals are:

Jang Young-Shin Fund

Park Young-Sook Fund

Shin Chang-Jae and Chung Hye-won Fund

Jin Yang-Hye and Son Beom-Su Fund

Examples of funds under specific purposes are:

Choi Myung Sook Fund

Bom-Bit Fund


Corporate Social Contributions

Corporate Designated Fund is a popular form of corporate donation or social contribution, which supports woman NGOs’ activities designated by the donor. This kind of designated fund supports more than 80% of all the grants made by the KFW.

Workplace Sharing is a 1% income-sharing scheme. Employees donate 1% of their income every month and their employers match every won they give.

Entitled Funds are established when corporations designate specific beneficiaries with specific purposes.

Special Corporate Funds are created by any private corporation or social organization under a specific name and/or purpose.

Funds under specific purposes include:


Saeng-Green Women’s Health Support Fund

Unmarried Mothers’ Support Fund

Point Sharing: Customers of corporations can donate their accumulated points/money.