Ethics Charter
(established on Dec. 31, 2014)

The Korea Foundation for Women,

  • recognize and adhere to the Foundation’s articles of association, mission and vision, and core values, and conduct work in a sincere and fair manner
  • carry out projects prioritizing public interest and community value
  • raise funds based on citizens’ spontaneity, and actively incorporate the donors’ intentions when deciding and implementing the project orientation
  • implement procedure fairly and transparently when grant-making of funds
  • create a trusted organization by ensuring project expertise, transparency and fairness.
  • strengthen their expertise and social skills based on constant self-learning and creative thinking
  • work independently, rejecting any external pressure for the benefit of a particular person or group
  • use all resources, including information and data obtained from donors, recipients and project execution, only for project purposes
  • do not participate in external activities that negatively affect the honor and trust of the Korea Foundation for Women, donors and beneficiaries
  • strive to create an organizational culture in which individual development and organizational development can coexist, and to have pride in our foundation.