Executive Director

  • Jieun ROH

Finance and Administration Team

  • Aesoon PARK, Chief Manager
  • Youngsun HA, Deputy General Manager
  • Youngah KANG, Manager
  • Sangyoon HAN, Director of the Meerae Forum

Fundraising and Resource Development Team

  • MiKang KIM, Chief Manager
  • Yeahyun SUNG, Public Relations Manager
  • SuMi KIM, Assistant Manager
  • Jieun PARK, Assistant Manager

Grantmaking and Programs Team

  • Eunjin LEE, Chief Manager
  • Kongju LIM, Program Manager
  • Jusun PARK, Assistant Manager
  • KeunYoung JANG, Chief Manager
  • GeumHee BOK, Program Manager
  • BoYeon KIM, Assistant Manager